Radxa zero CoreElect power/status LED

Hi I have a Radxa Zero and noticed the power/status LED is not on when my device is. Is there a way to turn it on when the device is on or is mine broken or something?

which version of img did you download ?

Hi I have Core Elect 19.5 matrix rc2 and Radxa board revision 1.51. I think the radxa is based on the amlogic S905Y2 chipset

Yes, you have to patch the device tree in your system. Radxa changed the GPIO connected to the LED in rev 1.5. Look here:

The gpios line should reference GPIOAO_10 instead of GPIOAO_8.
See here for hardware revisions.

Hi thank you so much for the info. My linux background is pretty rusty- is that a file that I can modify or some steps to change that gpios line? I’m not familiar with patching the device tree.

I do see in /flash/device_trees/ a file called g12a_s905y_radxa_zero.dtb but when i open it with nano it looks like it’s encoded or gibberish/not a text file woops.

You can follow two different routes. The dtb file needs first to be decompiled in its dts format (source). Then you can edit it with a text editor, compile it back to dtb and you’re done. You will not find what you need to change at the same line you see in the source from github, but you should be able to search for the corresponding text and get going. See this answer here https://stackoverflow.com/a/51356662/11221049
The other route is to clone radxa’s kernel repository with git (switch to the correct branch), edit the same file linked before, then on the root of the git repo run make dtbs to compile just the device tree instead of the whole kernel and copy the generated dtb file in the right directory.

Awesome thanks for the details and the link, i’ll give this a shot!

I just checked with our colleagues, and the original info on Hardware Revision is incorrect. When we tried to add GPIO control for v1.4, we indeed changed the GPIO pin once. However, since that version was not put under production, it is irrelevant. All Zero with controllable LED should use GPIOAO_8.

Wait, I’m not understanding what you mean. I have a radxa zero v1.5 and LED is on GPIOAO_10 and I can control it in linux with the method I wrote before. Are you saying that the LED is connected to both GPIOAO_8 and GPIOAO_10?

It should be connected to GPIOAO_8 only as indicated in the schematic:

Please double check if you are indeed using GPIOAO_10. If so, please take picture on the front of your board so I can see the version number.

On my 1.4 its on GPIOAO 8 and on my 1.5 its on GPIOAO 10. I’m not sure if thats true for all 1.5 revs, but for sure is the case for me and a few other people.

In the CE DTS it looks to be set to GPIOAO 11, but even when I change it, I can’t get it to work.

I’m attaching here my current dts/dtb radxa-zero-v1.51-dt.zip (16.4 KB)
I did not read the silkscreen correctly, mine is v1.51. I turned on the green led, you can see its reflection on the usb port.

…this also means that I’ve also asked about wifi issues on the wrong revision :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: