Radxa Zero boots but NO HDMI OUTPUT AT ALL. HELP!

I got a USB->TTL serial adaptor and hooked it up to see what, if anything, was happening.

At first it didn’t boot, saying that it couldn’t find any partitions. On the second go it did boot, but it outputs no HDMI. Imagine my surprise when I found that I could log in via the serial TTS via Putty.

I thought maybe I could use xrandr to force a display resolution, that it might be trying to output something my monitor can’t do, but this idea did not work.

xrandr --listmonitors


Can’t open display

I think my unit is defective. What do I do now?

Which image did you flash?

I’ve tried every one available, but at the moment I’m running the Radxa distro of Debian Buster.

I am the same seems the 1gb noemmc version is still like the original batches where its the 2gb or + eMMC versions work but <2gb no eMMC after almost 2 years there still seems to be fundemental problems.

Tried all images of the the latest release Armbian just goes into a boot loop with a v.1.51 and the radxa images don’t have a display output with the 1gb noemmc version and also with the likes of ArmNN the kernal driver for the GPU also fails.