Radxa Zero [Autologin & control Radxas LED] Ubuntu


I’m currently writing a few python and bash scripts that use variables that are passed from an usb stick and that write the output on a .txt on the same usb stick.

It works fine on my regular Ubuntu Mahine and and it automatically starts at @reboot using crontab and the mashine shuts down after the task has finished.

I tried to setup the autologin on the Radxa Zero but I can not find any instructions that work. The directories are different.

Does somebody know how to make the autologin work on the Official Radxa Zero Ubuntu image?

Is it also possible to control the red LED on the Radxa Zero to indicate that the script has finished? Can I control that using the dash command/script. (It would be handy if I could see a “passed” red LED signal before it shuts down)

Best Regards