Radxa zero 2 pro

Hi, all. I have issues with adb connection from my pc to radxa-zero-2pro. I tried:
systemctl restart radxa-adbd.service
It didn’t work, and it told me:
failed to start radxa-otgutils:-19

Dose anyone have any ideas on this?
I’ll be appreciated if anyone can help.

Are you running Android or Linux?

They are using Linux.

Have you enabled Set OTG port to Peripheral mode overlay within rsetup?

I just tried, but it seems not working. By the way, I’m Ubuntu, official released version.

As you can see from the pic, my pc can recognize the adb devices:
Upper one is radxa-zero 2pro
Lower one is radxa-zero
It can tell easily adbd on radxa-zero 2pro doesn’t work properly.

Also for development purposes, is the kernel source(6.1.59-1-stable) accessible in future?

Citing Yuntian: the kernel (and u-boot for that matter) is based on upstream code + some of our own patches: https://github.com/radxa-repo/bsp/blob/main/linux/stable/fork.conf#L1
So, it’s already available.

Thx, good to know

My Radxa Zero 2 pro has arrived too, and I find it kind of weird, that it seems that the eMMC doesn’t have any OS on it. Radxa Zero has arrived with factory android installed, and I have tried to search android images for this too, but I haven’t found anything for it. The weirdest thing that the device doesn’t give any signal to a monitor if i just plug it in. It seems like it doesn’t even start. When I put it in maskrom mode it starts up (fan is on and gives signal to the monitor). So it doesn’t have factory android? And it is not even possible to install android to it? I have to summon @RadxaYuntian
Update: I have installed the official KDE Debian Bookworm and it runs fine, but I thought there is android with video acceleration, because Debian doesn’t have it

A lot of users are having issues to install Linux on their Zero, due to the Amlogic Android writes to the eMMC (physical) boot partitions, making them harder to wipe. As such we are follow our other SBC to ship in a blank state. What you observed was normal.

@yanw had created an Android image for Zero 2.

Thank you for the info and the image! I will try this as soon as possible, I knew you will get me good news :grinning:. Maybe there should be info about the blank state on the description, because it is a bit strange that you get a device which seems not working at all out of the box :sweat_smile:

The android is what I’ve expected from a base factory ROM, but one thing maybe can be fixed somehow: the built in fan is not used. I hope I will have a little time to make an ATV ROM based on this, because that would be really good. Also HDMI audio is not working so you wont get anything played on it, because it says: Audio output is not supported.
Do you know anything about this problem? @yanw @RadxaYuntian

Do you think it is possible to port the rom of VIM3? That is basically a pretty similar device:

We have defined 5 levels, the fan starts working when the temperature reaches 60 degrees.
You can see the current working status under cat sys/kernel/debug/pwm
You can also control the fan with commands, There are related fan nodes under sys/class/hwmon/