Radxa Taco buy?

Is it possible to buy Radxa Taco or is the board not on sale yet?

The page https://wiki.radxa.com/Taco says:
One M.2 M Key for NVMe SSD
One M.2 E Key for WiFi 6 modules or Google Coral AI module
But in the photo there is only one M.2 port. Where is the second one?


yeah I’ve been looking searching then just today i looked at Allnet china but they are all sold out .
You can put your email and they suppose to notify you when available.

I also cannot find any technical info just basic specs

Also did not find datasheet.
I ordered Rock-3a instead of Taco.

This is early version with soldered wifi module,
check out allnet - they have recent photos, e-slot (for wifi card is on bottom)

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Datasheet can be downloaded / viewed where?

Is there an ETA for this board?

I tried to find where to buy this board but it seems it’s sold out everywhere. Is there any schedule for the next production batch?

This board seems to be a perfect fit for my needs. I want it but cannot buy it for now:(

Please anybody who knows if this project is still alive and I can look forward to buying it one day, please send some info. Thanks.

Hello , Does anyone know when this card will be avalible for sale?

Another question is ,Did radxa produce a box for this card?