Radxa ROCK 5 ITX vs Milk-V Oasis

This is schematic for Rock 5 ITX:

And this one is concept from Milk-V Oasis:


I always have some feeling that they may be bit related, is radxa helping in design?
There is also sophon module planned there, radxa just released product with it,
as we know vision five board was designed by radxa team


Nice catch. Radxa helped to found the milk-v team and supported some of their boards design. Milk-V team is independent operation with some investors from the community such as the founder of RT-Thread, Bernard Xiong.

Thanks for information and clarification on this,
I just got some deja vu when I was reading about @tkaiser ROCK 5 ITX insights :slight_smile: I was sure that I already saw something like this :wink:
We still don’t have anything more about MV Oasis, it should be ready somewhere at the end of year, so we will be able to compare those on final products, also maybe some day we will have some Risc-V board from Radxa :slight_smile: