Radxa Penta supports drives with power disable pins, (3.3V reset pins)

Hi all. I am looking at buying some drives with Power disable / 3.3V reset pins.
Taking a look at the features I see that there is support for: Support HDD suspend mode

Will the Penta support these kinds of drives or will I need to look for some other drives?



The Penta SATA Hat cannot turn off the 3.3V of the hard drive.

You should be able to use hdparm to make the hard drive into standby (hdparm -y) mode or sleep (hdparm -Y) mode.

Hi setq,

Thanks for the reply.
Should I be looking for alternate disk drives or will these run fine without covering the 3.3 pins with kapton tape?


you need to cover the 3.3V pins for the 4 ports on the board itself, but not for the eSATA port. See page 5 of the schematics.