Radxa it's a community?

I’ll tell you a story… Before the Rock PiX, I was oriented towards Orange products. On paper they all looked fabulous. But in practice, the lack of video drivers made it a useless product. I switched to the Rock PI X… Usual story. Poor product, lack of support… They don’t even answer why a 1 Gb speed LAN barely reaches 70 Mbps… It will mean that this too will be thrown in a drawer to keep company with the Orange. And as with Orange products, I will be careful not to buy them again or recommend them to friends. I don’t want to make a bad impression…Regards

What if they don’t know why? Linux is a work of several thousand people. Perhaps you are not asking right person out of those thousands of people? Radxa make hardware and they are dependant from Rockchip (and other component vendors - wifi, network, …) on one side and community on the other side. Radxa is a hardware vendor and most of people here are their customers. Some knows something about Linux, a few a lot, some nothing … The same is with other vendors … none of those small - few persons - companies are able to … develop a video driver. And if they would, they would support their competition too, which is not the best thing to do as you can fail as a business.

Ain’t simple. IMO, adjust expectations. Usually support is something you need to pay. If you pay nothing, this is what you get …

If they don’t know why, just let them say it. Or maybe they know, poor hardware I might think, but they don’t say it. It doesn’t seem like I pay for support with Raspberry…

Since you are complaining on imperfect network speed. Look Armbian test report on different hardware:

Then use Raspberry Pi.

Good morning. So looking at the results you attached, with Armbian the speed of the lan is OK. It could be a driver problem on Ubuntu. That however, no one says… And then, you tell me…Then use Raspberry Pi.Is it a tip for not having any problems or a joke? Thank you

Its kernel problem, yes, and it can stay that way for a very long time / for ever, can broke on next kernel upgrade … Just use Armbian or whatever works. Also Armbian could run into those problems on next upgrade as its impossible to test all features and also fix them in case problem is found. It doesn’t feel that you are willing to pay anyone few days that this is solved.

“There are thousands of issues in open source software”. Person that knows all of them does not exists. Even if you limit to this SoC only. Understand perspective.

Second, Chinese are having holiday season.

Yes, but all jokes contains some truth. You will have problems there too. Just different. This is Linux after all.

Hi. I posted the questions about the Lan problem towards the end of November, so if they wanted to explain the problem, they had time. I can also put Armbian, which works great with OMV on Orange PI PC2, but Tvheadend,OMV,Plex,Transmission.OMV should work for me at the moment, on the Rock, I don’t use it because the speed of the Lan, under Ubuntu, is embarrassing. I also had the Raspberry, but I didn’t use it due to the Lan-USB problems. Thanks for the explanations

Test report proves there are no problems with Armbian. I also didn’t know until now. Just download OS that works best - Armbian and install whatever you need.