Radxa e25 双网口开发板无法进入系统

Yesterday, I successfully flashed the firmware using the official tool and was able to connect to the internet as well.

However, when I booted it up today, the surrounding LED lights no longer had a breathing effect and instead, the power LED and the LED lights alternated blinking. I also couldn’t connect to the internet.

I tried reflashing the firmware but it did not improve the issue.

Are there any experts who know the reason for this? If I can’t find the cause soon, I may have to replace the board.

Please connect the power cable to your computer. You should see a USB serial device showing up. Please check the boot log from there.

The baud is 115200.

OK ,Thanks, I’ll try

The problem I had with that before is that my USB port only supplies 900ma current… I had to attached my e25 to a usb hub with a power delivery port

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Yes ,you are right. thanks !

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