Radxa E25 no power

I have an E25 device purchased from Allnet with the 5V/6A USB C power supply. When applying power there is no indication that the device is receiving power. I’ve also tried powering from a 5V port of a Pine64 Pinepower which results in 0.0A draw! Is there anything else I should try before attempting to return the device as defective?

As an additional data point both the 5V/6A USB C power supply and the Pine64 Pinepower 5V port are able to power up the Rock Pi 4C Plus received in the same order.

OK apparently there is no problem with the board. There just isn’t anything to indicate the board has power and no power draw if the emmc is blank and no sdcard is present! I have several other Radxa boards and I don’t believe any of the others exhibit this behavior. Once I inserted an sdcard with an image the board powers up without issues.