Radxa E25 - Hardware compatibility list

Does anyone have a SATA SSD on Radxa E25?
Can this SSD work on E25?

Yes, Radxa E25 supports SATA SSD. It should work, the model we tested is a Lenovo model.

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I tried to check on Radxa debian, but the disk was not found, maybe you need to activate dtb overlay?

I have built a FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT boot image for Radxa E25.
It is based on booting via Tianocore EDK2 UEFI BootLoader.
My UEFI variant contains the correct FDT for E25 and I don’t see any barriers to running other OSes.
Linux can be run if the SD card has an efi partition with grab.efi.
I’m trying to add SATA support to UEFI, for testing I need to make sure the hardware is working.

https://github.com/radxa/overlays/blob/main/arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/overlays/rk3568-serdes2-sata.dts ?

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It doesn’t fit because according to the E25 scheme, M2-Key B is SATA1 and not SATA2[M.2 Key B]

Then you need to adopt the DT overlay accordingly. At least M.2 key B is designed to carry either PCIe or SATA signals on pins 41/43/47/49:


If you’re able to boot fbsd14, are we able to get opnsense working on this thing too?


FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT is a branch that is actively being changed,
and of course it has bugs that need to be fixed.

And at the moment, not all interfaces work on SoC RK356x
(for example, there is no SATA driver, gmac v4.2 only works at 1Gbps, it is impossible to write to EMMc, there is no SPI flash driver).

Therefore, at the present moment, it is possible to build an OPNsense image,
but this makes little sense, it will not be stable and functional.

And we have a lot of tasks ahead of us and a great desire to complete them
and have time to make all the necessary changes to the FreeBSD source code by the time FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE is released.

After that, the release of stable OPNsense images for RADXA E23/E25 will be real.
You can help with testing and you can give your suggestions, we will be grateful.
Even in the image offered for download FreeBSD for E25 has patches that are not yet in the FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT code, and this already makes it possible to test
FreeBSD on RADXA E25 and Rock-3A.

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I have such disk, a disk from transcend of a model similar to yours one (and with another size)
It works on both official images for E25 from radxa (ubuntu and debian)

BTW, did anybody tried to use sata ssd with openwrt from flippy? It doesnt work for me, I consider they do not enable ahci in their distribution. Do somebody have success story in using ssd on openwrt?

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Please give a link to the image on which you checked it.
Do I need to connect dtb overlays?

Yes, here they are, in the section ‘Official images’

But you are right, I guess, concerning SATA version supported by platform, I came to the same conclusion today, but from another observation - from write speed to my ssd disk. Unfortunately, I have not found any explicite mention of SATA version supported by device in documentation anywhere.

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Thanks a lot.
Everything works, I just needed a different power supply.
Everything is simple. :joy:

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