Radxa CM5 release date

Hello guide
I have read about the rock 5 model B and got the information about radxa CM5 leaked in https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock5/CM5. It will be so so impressive that we can use a that strong soc module in that dimension. Is there any guide know about this CM5 from Radxa, about the release date, hardware spec, and something like that?

What project do you want to use the Radxa CM3?

Hi Jack, Im usinh CM3 for smart home

Is there anymore information about the CM5 and its release date and availability? I have used the CM3 and found it to be a great little board. I am really interested in trying the CM5. Are there any available for testers or reviewers?

I am also really interested in trying out both the CM3 and CM5 by installing them on Waveshare’s CM4 to RPi3B+ adapter/carrier board, inside the Pi-Top [3].

Do you have any thoughts about their suitability/compatibility for this?