Radxa 3C RK3566

Hello all,

when is planned the release of a stable Ubuntu and Android version for the Raxda 3C?

At the moment seems that in Ubuntu image the ethernet is not work and the Android image is not available.


No info?! You sell this board and there is no a version stable or a release date?!


You can temporarily use the mirror here,we will release a mirror in the near future.

Perfect, thanks

Hi Alvin,
I’ve tried both debian bullseye 11 and ubuntu server releases.
I’m new to this and I’ve noticed both the above OS are set up with kernal drives for the Rockchip RK3988.
This is causing ridiculously high CPU usage and watching or streaming movies impossible, even on youtube.
How can I fix this to be setup for the RK3566 Mali-G52 processor which is found on the Radxa 3C board?
Also is it possible for the graphic support to run off openGL ES 3.2 rather than The X.org Foundation?
Any advice or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi IndicaChie, have you found a solution?