Questions before purchase

I am strongly considering in purchasing the Radxa ROCK 5 Model B board along with some accessories. I know this board is still fairly new, but before I purchase this I was hoping I can get a couple questions answered.

First I plan on using this as an Android tv box.

1.I know that Android 12 is supported, but I noticed it mentioned that firmware doesn’t support booting to SSD. With that being said, does that mean if I only have a NVME drive (no emmc) that I won’t be able to install and boot to Android 12?

  1. If I get the Rock 5B metal case, I notice that there is a piece that pushes against the processor with the thermalpad, but if I purchase the heatsink and fan accessory as well, will it still fit in the case properly?

  2. Is there a power button on the case accessory? I can’t seem to find one from the pictures.

  3. Are there any other case options compatible with this board?

  4. Can anyone tell me does this board have any issues playing HD videos in Amazon prime, netflix, hulu, etc? In other words does it support widevine L1?

Here are the accessories I plan on getting with the board:
ROCK 5B Metal Case
Radxa Wireless Module M.2 E Key WiFi 6 and BT 5.2
Cooling fan and heatsink 40x40x12
Radxa Power PD 30W with USB-C Cable

  1. Android 12 now supports NVMe, check the latest image release.

  2. If you buy the metal case, you don’t need to buy the cooling fan and heatsink 4012.

  3. Radxa PD 30W is strongly recommended.

Thank you for your responses. With regards to question #3, I was referring to the metal case for the Rock 5 Model B. This is the case I’m referring to:

I can’t see any way to power it on. Is there a button on the case that you press and it’s just not pictured?

The only other thing I’m still waiting to confirm is my question #5 regarding Widevine L1 support.