Question about Penta SATA Hat 12V DC Jack

Hi there,

I am looking to use the Penta SATA Hat on a Rock Pi 4A+ and I have a couple of questions.

I want to power five 3.5" drives in this case:

This case is also pictured on the wiki but you cannot see the rear side on the wiki:

On the wiki it says I can power 3.5" HDDs with a 12V/6A DC barrel jack adapter. I would strongly prefer this over using an ATX supply. But on the allnetchina link above, you can see the rear of the 5 drive enclosure, and there are 2 x Molex connectors and the description says you need an ATX PSU.

So I am not sure how to have an enclosure where I do not also need an ATX PSU. The wiki says I can power 3.5" drives with the DC barrel jack, but the 5 bay enclosure does not seem to support powering the drives this way. How can I power five 3.5" drives with just the DC barrel jack? Will the Rock Pi 4A+ also be powered through this cable when plugged in, or only the Penta Hat + drives?

So in case I need a PSU, I found a small (non-ATX) fanless PSU that might work.

What about the molex connector on the Penta SATA Hat? Can this power the SATA Hat and the Rock 4A+ or will I also need a USB-C cable to power the Rock 4A+ if I use this molex connector on the hat? What is this molex connector for?

The fanless PSU I found was a SilverStone Nightjar Series NJ450-SXL 450W SFX-L in case anyone wants a silent NAS build. I don’t know how to get 3 molex power connectors in a smaller package.