Quad Sata Top Hat - 40mm fan swap

Hi there,

After using the Quad SATA Hat enclosure and kit, the only real issue I have is the noise (but I’ll admit that is to be expected of a fan of this size).

I was wondering though, from my measurements, it looks like the fan included in the top-hat is a standard 40mmx10mm fan. I was thinking of using the https://noctua.at/en/nf-a4x10-5v as a replacement but was wondering how the system would react if I just used the voltage and ground pins on the Sata Top HAT?

The wind speed may not be adjusted by PWM.

Thank you for the reply.

Do you also happen to know what the voltage of the two pin CPU fan header on the SATA hat? And can I replace the 5v fan for one of my own?

The fan noise of the top hat is indeed a little bit noisy (as expected). But can maybe improved by your suggestion.

I saw a picture that is saying 5V: https://shop.allnetchina.cn/collections/sata-hat/products/sata-hat-top-board-for-dual-quad-and-penta-sata-hat

The only thing is, the Noctua is 4 pins and the current 3 pins.

The Noctua seem 3 Pins with 2 pins adaptors then seem compatible.