Quad SATA questions and first impressions

I have been playing with this for a few days now with the intention of using it for a home NAS/Plex server.
Once I got a few things figured out, I am having a blast with it.

I did have an initial issue with not supplying enough power though the USB-C port using 4x SSD’s, but the floppy drive power connection on the board fixed that, and everything started falling into place.

I still do have an issue with the OMV-Union file system plugin. As soon as I enable this and configure it to use the 3 snap raid data drives, it fails when I do a re-boot (boot seems to not be able to initialize the drives). The odd thing is, if I do a reboot and don’t do a power cycle it works without issue.

I just finished designing a case for this that allows drives to be swapped without taking anything apart. which leads me to my first question:

The 10 pin header that is used for the top hat - Is the PWM pin supplying 5v or ground to the fan?
Once that is answered, I assume that I just need to connect the other pin to either SYS 5v or ground from the header?

One really nit picky suggestion if you ever do a version 1.5, swap the locations of the 12 5.5mm jack and the 10 pin header. From a design standpoint, it would really be nice if there was a power plug on the same side as the rest of the needed connections (RJ45, USB 2.0) for a clean look.

Thanks for the fantastic product!


10P header pinout:

Function Pin# Pin# Function
GPIO4_D2 5 6 GPIO4_C2
GND 7 8 PWM_33
GND 9 10 NC

For the Fan, you need to supply 5V and GND, PWM for speed control. The fan is 3P input.

Thank you for the info!