Quad SATA HAT rasberry OS installation

I am coming to buy the DUAL/QUAD SATA HAT FOR RASPBERRY PI 4, and I want to use it to host my website. Which Ubuntu (or OS) distribution do I need to install? Are there any videos that I can follow ? Thank you.

Seems that dual/quad hat is deprecated for now, only penta sata kit is described on page.
For installation just any of those found in installation script:

echo '*** - Raspberry Pi 4B+'
echo '***     Raspbian Buster 32-bit/64-bit'
echo '***     Raspbian Bullseye 32-bit/64-bit'
echo '***     Raspbian Bookworm 32-bit/64-bit'
echo '***     DietPi RPi ARMv8 Bullseye'
echo '***     DietPi RPi ARMv8 Bookworm'
echo '***     Ubuntu Server 20.04 armhf/arm64'

On wiki You will find some video tutorials with installation:

Should be the same on newer releases, but it’s also not that big problem to modify installation scripts and add whatever is needed (on untested releases).