Quad sata hat issues with drives

Sorry for the late post. I was away from home

I want to see if the hat has any welding problems or missing components, so this is not what I need.

I’m going to remove plastic from the usb bridge then. Also sending pictures from the sata board when I get home from work

hello, sorry for the late post, was away from home. i removed the plastic cover from the USB BRIDGE .

Next, these are the photos i took from the hat board it self ( please tell me if you need them in better quality)

please tell me if everything seems OK

i have tried already all posible ““fixes”” even bought some quality usb 3.0 short cables ( wich doesnt work) and whenever i use the sata 4 disk i get all kind of errors no matter wich drive is in it ( even Sata 3 disk start doing weird things)![IMG_20200826_150922|666x500]


So, im ready for trashing this (i had pretty much faith in this) and going the stackable way addins from geek* **


I want to see the two places I’ve circled. Can you take a close-up?

also, im going to test conecting extensions for the sata Data cables and powering the disks form an external PSU to discard power from the equation.

@Saduere Can you take another picture of the sides? I want to know if they’re connected.

These are for the SATA1t Port:

These are for the SATA4 Port:

@Saduere I’m sorry to give you such a bad experience. Please contact Allnet for a new one.

oh so you find something in the photos?

The first and third photos show that something is connected by mistake.

ok can you mark where? to see if i can ""fix “” this by my self, ( shippings to my country takes more than 30 days ( as the situation permits)

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ok, im going to a friend house (tomorow its 10pm sunday here) for the tools needed to desolder that and let you know. hopefully thats the issue and i can use this as intended

@setq today i managed to unsolder the two points you asked, but i came home really late today will test later on the night here are some pics:



EDIT::weary:(** IT DOESNT**) now only shows up and running sata 1 and 2.

so @setq what should i do?

Well, thanks for your support, trashed this thing, already bought a miniItx and an athlon 300ge processor and making this thing the old fashion way, the rPi4 its going to get a new use

@Saduere I’m sorry I missed your message. You can contact Allnet to replace a new one.

We are also upgrading the version, or when the new version is available, I will contact Allnet to send you one.

Sorry again for the bad experience.

Well, I didn’t expect this to need this level of thinkering really. I would wait for the new version of it comes fast enough, I really ordered a cpu/mother’s/ram combo to use instead the Rpi4/hat to mount the server (but wanted this just for power efficiency)

so, i never had an answer from allnet persons i was writting to, whats up with my case?

A new version is still in production. It is expected to go on sale next month. I will let them know to replace you with a new one.

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