Quad Sata Hat Disks Randomly Eject

Quad sata Hat,

Running raspberry pi OS on a usb drive in the 2.0 slot.

Running 4 500GB hard drives,

When trying to create a raid 5 array the disk will randomly eject when building the array.

/dev/sda is the os on usb,

/dev/sdc+/dev/sdd always stay

/dev/sdb+/dev/sdc eject and then immediately reconnect but as dev/sdf+/dev/sdg

I tried setting up a raid 1 array and during benchmarking the drives ejected and reconnected

I have swapped the usb bridge, any other ideas?

Bad raspberry pi 4?

What files do I need to post?

What power adapter do you use?

12v 5amp

Do I need a higher amp power supply?

I am still having this issue. I had been using spinning hard drives and swapped to ssds and i am still getting failures. Is this a lost cause and I should forget this or what?

Hello, please upload the dmesg