Quad Hat script is no longer working on dietpi (debian bullseye)


Tom from Radxa asked me to post this into the forum rather than email.

I have used dietpi (debian buster) successfully with the script, with some minor adjustments made to pigpiod.service file but on the whole everything just worked using the script.

I come to flash my sd to latest version of dietpi (debian bullseye) yesterday and the script does not work

“The script is not available on your system”
This has never happened to me before on Dietpi (debian Buster)
I have no idea how to proceed. going to the specified url “https://rock.sh/rockpi-sata” takes me to a github page but there are no instructions on how I can install manually the files as suggested.

Please can you advise how I can get this working? Currently I have no access to the hard drives installed or the fans from the dietpi (debian bullseye) setup. unfortunately also I am unable to download dietpi (buster) as site doesnt store previous LTS releases.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Hello, I am the maintainer of this script. I’ll see why it doesn’t work in Dietpi (Debian bullseye) anymore.

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I think the below will resolve the matter.

AUTHOR='Akgnah <setq@radxa.com>'
DISTRO=`cat /etc/os-release | grep ^ID= | sed -e 's/ID\=//g'`
# quad-sata-hat install script

echo '*** Quad SATA Hat Install for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B+'
echo '*** Tested distributions:'
echo '***   Raspbian buster 32-bit/64-bit(testing)'
echo '***   Ubuntu Server 20.04 armhf and arm64'
echo '*** Please report problems to setq@radxa.com and we will try to fix.'

if [ -f /etc/rpi-issue ]; then
  curl -sL $RASPBIAN_URL | sudo -E bash -
elif [ "$DISTRO" == "raspbian" ]; then
  curl -sL $RASPBIAN_URL | sudo -E bash -
elif [ "$DISTRO" == "ubuntu" ]; then
  curl -sL $UBUNTU_URL | sudo -E bash -
elif [ "$DISTRO" == "debian" ]; then
  curl -sL $RASPBIAN_URL | sudo -E bash -
  echo '*** The script is not available on your system'
  echo '*** Please visit https://rock.sh/rockpi-sata to download and install manually.'
  exit 0

alternatively you can manually use:

curl -sL https://s3.setq.io/rockpi/sh/quad-sata/raspbian.sh | sudo -E bash -

on dietpi in order to get the fans working I also have to make a small edit to the file


Description=Daemon required to control GPIO pins via pigpio
ExecStart=/usr/bin/pigpiod -l -n
ExecStop=/bin/systemctl kill pigpiod

this was the same in Buster as well as Bullseye.
I believe now things are working as expected.

hope this helps others.

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sorry after changing the pigpiod.service file above you will need to
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart pigpiod.service
then issue sudo reboot now

once rebooted everything should work as expected and you should see LCD kick in and fans start.

Thanks for your help, I will update the installation script.

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raspian.sh --> raspbian.sh

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Thank you. My user error.

The script has not yet been adjusted. When can that happen? After the modification above, the fan doesn’t start.