QCNFA765 compability problem with Rock 5B?

Recently I bought a m.2 WiFi and bluetooth module with product name “QCNFA765”. The chip inside it is a Qualcomm WCN6856. The spec is so good making it a high-end wireless module for rock 5. Link to spec
Currently the WiFi part is not going to work because it requires ath11k kernel driver with kernel >= 5.17.
But the bluetooth part is not working at all either, even not visible with “lsusb -t”. That is weird, the bluetooth should at least show up as an usb device.

After some testing, the result is:

| My ryzen laptop (Windows 11) | Wifi: working | Bluetooth: working |
| My ryzen laptop (Latest archlinux) | Wifi: working after replacing board file | Bluetooth: not visible at all|
| Rock 5B (Latest armbian, Kernel 5.10.66) | Wifi: not working(lack of driver) |Bluetooth: not visible at all|
|Rock 3A (Latest armbian, Mainline kernel) | Wifi: working after replacing board file |Bluetooth:Working|

I can confirm the bluetooth part is connected through usb2.0 interface from the result of Rock 3A.
I tried RTL8822BE too, it works fine on all conditions.

Qualcomm website said that it needs at least 5.17 kernel to make it work. However Bluetooth for my FA765 on 3a doesn’t work on newest armbian since it doesn’t have correlated USB id in kernel driver. I’ve sent a patch fixing this to mainline kernel but it haven’t been received yet. Also, I’ve already sent a patched board file for WiFi to armbian firmware git. You can check if it works. If doesn’t, you can patch it with your board id.

Besides I’ve asked Kalle Valo to patch board file with official bdf file. And he has just updated it. You can check if it works. https://github.com/kvalo/ath11k-firmware/blob/master/WCN6855/hw2.0/board-2.bin