Python GPIO library?

I’ve bought the Rock Pi X to have a cheap Windows-based computer with GPIO pins which could be programmed in Python. I’m not interested in Linux, we already have the Raspberry for that.
Unfortunately, a GPIO library was not available last year, so I just parked the Rock Pi X in a drawer, and waited.
Do we have a Python GPIO library now? Otherwise, I’m sadly going to put back the Pi X in that drawer, indefinitely.

I have the same question for my Rock Pi X for an external DAC project, but no answer as well. I am looking at the Atomic Pi as a possible way to find drivers that might work as they use the same Atom X5-z8350 SoC.

Same problem, I got the Rock Pi X as a replacement for my Pi that could run windows. It’s nice that it can indeed run Windows, but we ALSO need support for the GPIO! Otherwise I would have ordered a cheap windows machine, not a SBC.

Could we please get an update about it soon?