PXE Boot Issue, please help!

Hi there,

I am trying to enable PXE boot for my ROCK Pi X, but not luck. In the BIOS, I had already enable Network Stack, and Ipv4 PXE Support under Network Stack Configuration on the Advanced Manu, but it does not give my PXE boot option on the Boot Option Manu.

Please let me know if there is anything I need to do to enable PXE(Network) Boot option.

Many thanks!

I am also interested in this question.
And also how to change the MAC address of the network interface

Currently there is no actual PXE support in the boot rom. You’ll need to install iPXE to the EFI partition and boot it from there.

Hi all,

I have finally figured out a way to make this works buy following this link:

It is using ipxe from USB boot. I hope it helps.