PROJECT Rock pi 4 B 1.4

So i just purchased a rock pi 4 b 1.4 version 4gb with case and power supply from (allnetchina) i also purchased x1 eMMC reader/writer x1 eMMC module adapter x1 micro SD card with reader x1 eMMC module 64gb from (seeedstudio/ U.S WAREHOUSE). I really need some help on my little project i want to run LINUX FEDORA as base o.s and KALI LINUX in a virtual machine.

Now i know how to flash the images and what not but ive seen videos where they have a raspberry pi connected to a laptop on board mode and they show that you have to change one of the passwords imeadiately just to avoid an atack from some kind of software/ virus that is designed to collect the first information when setting one up ( if you want proof ask and ill add the video) the reason i want to run those two operating systems is because i dont plan to put everything together UNTIL i have a plan myself of how to go about installing all of the software without leaving vulnerabilities. And because im following a course on how to use all of the tools that these two operating systems provide. So my questions are=

1.what image should i write first using what kind of software and what kind of computer ( or is there more to it? (To be anonymous and protect the kernal from rootkits and keyloggers on it) should i write fedora to the eMMC module or the sd card or is there a safer way not using the reader writers?

2.How do i install these two images and where so they boot and run smoothly alongside eachother like a expensive pc ? ( again i would appreciate any advice and links and guides on how to do this.

  1. I want to learn how to take a decent sized fan and atach it to the hole on top of the heatsink so it blows air right on it what kind of fan should i buy how many volts or watts should it be and which wire goes to what pin?.

BY THE WAY IM MORE THAN HAPPY TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION OR DONATION TO THIS FORUM FOR VALUABLE INFORMATION OR TO AN INDIVIDUAL THAT PROVIDES IT. I KNOW IM A NOOB BUT I DONT PLAN TO BE FOR LONG. My email is VILLAGEO702@GMAIL.COM your more than welcome to email me with this kind of valuable information thank for your time i have more i want to ask but that sums it up.

ROCK Pi 4 doesn’t support Fedora, I think you should check the supported distribution when choosing the SBC.

How do you know this to be true? What kind of issues does it have i spoke to a person very knowledgeable on computers and said i shouldnt have a probkem as long as i have more than 64gb.

The Raspbian OS commonly installed on a Raspberry Pi has a default username and password. Its the default password which should be changed on login, else its easy for any script or hacker to guess.

If you check the Fedora documentation, there is no support currently for the Rock Pi 4:
Edit - It mentions support for Rockchip devices. Could try following their installation docs and see if it works for the Rock Pi 4.

Likewise Kali Linux also does not support this board currently:
Edit - There is an image for the Pinebook Pro which is quite similar to the Rock Pi 4. It might work after making minor changes:

If you dont have a requirement to use a Rock Pi 4 or ARM64 device in particular, I would suggest to use a x86_64 PC or laptop for this task.

This is why i think it could be done

Raspberry Pi is different than Rock Pi, but since the Fedora docs suggest that some Rockchip devices are supported, you can give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Looks like im going to have to. Are there alot of rock pi users on here?

FINALLY got my RPI4 in the mail. With power cord , case, thermal paste, waiting on fan /hdmi to vga / keyboard and ill be trying this out.