Problems with wiringX python

I’ve been having some problems with the library. I just can’t get the LED to light up. I managed to get the library working without errors, but somehow can’t get the LED to do its thing. I know the LED works because ive tested it.
Here is the code:
import os
import sys
from time import sleep
from wiringX import gpio


gpio.pinMode(gpio.PIN0, gpio.PINMODE_OUTPUT);

while True:
gpio.digitalWrite(gpio.PIN0, gpio.HIGH);
except KeyboardInterrupt:

(I know that pin 0 is gpio17)

Where did you get this information about gpio.PIN0 being gpio17 ?
I can’t find it in the wiringX GPIO mapping or in the Raxda wiki page for Rock4 …
I checked several times, and on the documents, I’d say GPIO pin 0 would be the pin N°11 (pin N°1 being 3,3V, pin N°2 = 5V, pin n°3 = GPIO pin 8 etc…)