Problems adding NVME M.2 PCI x4 SSD to Rock Pi 4

I have successfully installed Debian9 on the Rock Pi 4, but when it comes to adding the SSD it locks the system up, and that’s as far as we go. I know I am getting power to the SSD as immediately we start there is a tiny LCD that lights up on the SSD.
The SSD I am currently using is KingSpec M.2 NVME PCIe Gen 3x4 2280.
I am using the ROCK PI 4X - M.2 EXTENSION BOARD V1.4 to mount the SSD
The SSD is not formatted as I intended to do that when it has been mounted.
Any help appreciated!

what your power adapter? @taurus548

Raspberry Pi branded 240V 50/60 Hertz,
Output 5.1 V , 3.0 Amps

Use a USB PD or QC power adapter instead, ROCK Pi 4 with SSD requires 9V/2A or 12V/2A power adapter.

Thanks Jack! I have it mounted as a disk now. I have upgraded the power supply as suggested. There was plenty of references to tell me what you have told me and I can’t understand why I did not see that until prompted by you? I think I was working on " It looks like as Raspberry Pi so it must use the same power supply." Not very robust logic!!!
Next thing to do is try and boot from the NVME.