Problem of synchronized miraa lib with radxa zero 3w

I have received delivery of a couple Zero 3W’s

I have downloaded and installed the latest available version of the OS for use on this board and Wi-Fi chip. this image Bellow

OS Version – radxa-zero3_debian_bullseye_xfce_b6.img
Build - Linux radxa-zero3 5.10.160-26-rk356x

Everything seems to work well with the exception of the GPIO pins.

From a fresh install and after doing the following as per the instructions MRAA installs but has no access to the GPIO pins.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libmraa2 libmraa-dev libmraa-java python3-mraa mraa-tools
sudo mraa-gpio version returns “Version v2.2.0 on Unknown platform”
sudo mraa-gpio list returns “No Pins”

Is there an issue with the OS or is it MRAA as it doesn’t even recognise the platform?

I would greatly appreciate some advice to help me resolve this problem?

Kind regards


See this: Radxa Zero 3W - MRAA "No Pins"