Problem Allnet china coupon?

Hi, I’m posting here to know what other people received.

I bought a preorder coupon at Allnetchina for the Rock5 model B, received a confirmation email but never got a coupon code. Also, never got noticed when preorder was active and they won’t answer any emails.

Was I suppose to receive anything? I feel like I got scammed.

Supposedly, they’d send an email for payment reflecting the discounted price.

I have not received any mail yet here as well. Pre-ordered late Jan.

I just saw the post. Seems they will email every discount owner when its their turn.

Same here
Preorderd in April, never received anything except the order confirmation

Like @Mstackoverflow said, they will email every customer that bought the discount a unique URL that includes the $50 discount. So its just a matter of time before we will be getting one.

I know you’re getting input from people who purchase from allnet china…but let me just say: I bought preorder coupon in May from Ameridroid, got an email 2 days later with coupon for $50 off and link. Made pre-order purchase of Rock 5B within 3 days of starting process.

I know and i heard that indeed from other people who ordered from Ameridriod. Although Amerdriod also has raised the price of the Rock 5B.

Anyways, i guess Allnet China uses a different approach. In the end what counts is as long as we become proud owners of a Radxa Rock 5B SBC :).

Thank you everyone!

I just have received mail. Thanks radxa for transaction. Everything worked perfect. 50 usd discount is done. Thanks

i too made an order for the sbc coupon mid feb, waiting for my turn :slight_smile: eagerly waiting

i got my coupon in june… looks like its gonna be a long wait :frowning:

hmm, got my coupon(s) on 11 of january from allnet… no further info from them… weird
or: not really coupons, just the order confirmation :frowning:

11/01/2022 (allnet) also, so not that weird.

It could be that the bulk of all the pre-orders were around january and februari. Once those are cleared that the months after are being cramped in to lets say 10 days. According to Radxa they estimated that all the pre-orders should be done in just 4 weeks. It could also be that they will stretch it to half of november. Anyways, we know we will be getting ours soon enough. Just some more patience.

Just calm down and be patient, they are sending links and board as they were pre-ordered :slight_smile:
Some already have been delivered :slight_smile:

someones ears must have been ringing. just got my codes. don’t get me wrong, it’s the same game as always: if information about proceedings get to people, they tend to be more relaxed. i really dont care, if its another week or another month, it’s just that i do not want to be on the lookout for a mail or read forums every couple of days. anyhow, thats settled now :wink:

Glad for you! Can’t wait!

Just received my coupon, but now I’m confused on details. Tried to get answers from Allnet China, I will post here if I get those. Does anyone know :

  • Can we use one coupon for multiple orders ? I bought 3 coupons at once but I’d like to buy the boards one by one.
  • Either way, how long can we benefit from the coupon’s discount ?

I got an answer from Allnet :

  • You can’t split coupons.
  • They will remain valid until end of the year at least

Good day.
I tried to order from Allnet and got letter.

"We have to inform you, that the parcel will be sent by economy but we are at the moment not able to insure any shipments to Ukraine. It means, in case of loss we can not cover the value of the shipment.

Please confirm by mail, that you are ok with that and we will make sure the shipment leaves our company today or tomorrow."

but there is no any links to confirm or any button in mail.
I reply to email but no response.

How i can confirm shipment ?