Prepare IDB fail in SPI flash


Our device stopped booting from NVME and can boot only from SD card at the moment. I tried to erase and update SPI flash according to the instructions, but I get following logs in RKDevTool:

I previously used RKDevTool on other Rock Pi 4B, and it was working fine (was able to boot SSD).

Could you please help with following questions:
-What causes this invalid state of SPI flash? Previously it was working fine.
-What does “Prepare IDB fail” mean?
-Can physical replacement solve it?
-Here I read instructions for “Prepare IDB Fail”, do similar instructions exist for Rock Pi 4?

I would appreciate any help.

Maybe you didn’t erase spi flash completely before. Please follow the tutorial to erase spi flash completely.

Thank you for your reply. I have already erased according to instructions.