Power the Radxa Zero with a battery


I search for a battery to use it with the Radxa Zero with Manjaro.
The best chargingboard I found is the PI Juice for the Raspberry PI.

Does this also works with the Radxa Zero and Manjaro? And does the software also works?

I was finally able to get the pisugar 3 working. Technically, the battery worked out of the box, but getting the software to run (e.g. getting battery % info) took a bit longer.

I believe the battery would work but to run the software correctly, you much be running the official debian or Ubuntu release…since they are the only ones with I2C support…

Ah ok. I don’t need the software but a soft shut down would be great.
Do you know if this works?

I think the software for the pisugar helps set that up. Apparently there is a shortcut button that you could program for a soft shutdown…

@sKooza, do you know if I can power a 4 inch display besides the radxa zero with pisugar3?