Power for NVME SSD heatsink fan?

I am adding a fairly large NVMe drive for which I’ve added a heat sink that has its own small 12V 3-wire fan. Is there a location on the board from which I can get power for this? Any suggestions as to where or how I can plug it in?

There is no 12V pin available, you can use the 5V from the GPIO header if your fan is 5V.

It’s 12V by design unfortunately, with a standard 4-pin header although with this heatsink fan only 3 pins are used. There is 12V available from the USB-C power supply, so in prinicple it could be made available if in a future design by adding a standard PWM header to the board, ideally connected to one or temperature sensors under the NVMe drive location. For now, I will use a USB-C power splitter and a separate USB-C to 4-pin adapter.

What voltage is used with the existing CPU fan?

Answering this question: I took the fan off of the heat sink of one of my boards and confirmed that it is a 5V fan on the official heat sink. Thus I will have to look for a heat sink with fan for my NVMe M.2 drive that has a 5V fan and try to rig a Y adapter for powering it from the existing 4-pin header.