Power button and host/device switch

Hi, I have some questions:

  1. Does the connector (“CN100” on the rock_pi_x_v13_silk_top.pdf) near the USB C port work the same way as the power button?
    I just want to ask before shorting things on the board.

  2. Does the host/device switch work on Windows?

  3. Not a question, but I was testing the power button and I started/shutted down the Rock Pi X 2 times.
    Now everytime I power it I have to exit the UEFI shell.

Can’t answer that for certain, but the fact that I plugged the RTC battery into and it didn’t do any harm (from what I can tell) suggests there’s little risk.

Go into the BIOS and make sure your boot settings are set to boot to Windows. I think default is the UEFI shell. Maybe it reverted back to it if you did change it at one time.

Yes, it’s for external power button on the case.

I am not sure to be frank, any Windows experts who know this?

This is a different issue, it might be related with the boot order. There is discussion on the forum in another thread, can not find it now, on the mobile.