Post Removal by Poster

Struggling to figure out how to delete posts. I don’t think posters have appropriate permissions. However, having been jumped on, I don’t think I’ll post again.

Don’t get me wrong, but since when hardware sellers are responsible for your inability to use (publicly made) software they have zero relations to?

can you see this?

@igorp Your tone comes across in a way that makes it seem that by default you assume a poster is an idiot. You did that with my first post regarding the N10 hardware, and did it again here. It perhaps is not intentional.

However, it is toxic to the community and certainly reflects poorly on Armbian and Radxa.

Different people are coming from different sets of experiences, documentation is fragmented, and trying to get software working against an SoC without publicly available documentation is doubly difficult even if you’ve had decades of hardware experience. Debian image built for rockchip is provided by radxa, and frankly, it sometimes is difficult to install with many things that can go wrong.

Being considerate in response does a lot more toward building a community and getting others with expertise to help.

If you have a problem with installing some software on Debian (a software suite maintained by “1000 people”) you go to the person(s) that developed that software or generic Debian user forums. Such thing is IMO off topic on hw related forums. Upper level is the same on all devices and has nothing to do with hardware that its used. You may ask here, experts might be around, but this only contribute to the problem you already exposed - fragmenting knowledge … and communities easily become yet another general support things, while nobody deal with the real problems.

One should be happy that someone invest time for educating clueless folks. If they feel idiot because of that … that was certainly not intentional. Everyone should be aware that he/we actually knows nothing and nobody will get upset.

Bottom up. If you install Blender on Radxa hardware and you have problems, stop spamming those forums and look Bledner software support documentation and forums. That’s the point.

If Radxa Debian or Armbian is somehow fuck* up, than, this forums is a right place.

Thanks David. Before I placed my original post I had tried to install a set of software I needed to replace my AMD server. Three out of four key items failed to install due to the older library chains. I then repeated the process on my RPi3 with Raspbian and had no issues. Indeed by the end of the fix/update cycle I had pretty much bricked the RockPi so that it would not boot without jumpering the 23/25 pins meaning more fixes to the boot area or discarding the nvme chip. I’ll try Armbian next to see if get a more stable (and expandable) software set. Meanwhile, I’ve gone back to x64 based tech for my server and a quieter life.