Possibilities for command line only (no GUI)?

Dear users,

I’m interested in using a Rock Pi 4 Model B 4GB as a server and haven’t got any need for a GUI. So far I’ve only come across Android, Ubuntu Server and Debian Desktop as official images. I’m looking for something simple and lightweight, just like Raspbian Lite for the RPi. Are there any possibilities at the moment?

Thanks in advance,

Not sure why they have not posted but its very simple to build your self.


target=base arch=arm64

Seem to prefer the debian rather than ubuntu image.
I have one here but has OMV on it but is straight radxa build and apt packages with no customisation.


Prob a good question as why no 64bit server base image for debian?

Found one I did a couple of days back that is just straight build and radxa apt with no customisation.

Prob need to set different locale and stuff

dpkg-reconfigure locales
dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata