Poor quality issues

Guys i’m getting more and more disappointed of what you do.
The passive heatsink for Rock 5B that i received today seems a bit damaged. Take a look at the bottom part of the picture. Plus the EMMC card you are selling is slow and overpriced.
Your competitor sells faster EMMC cards for less money.

image_2023_11_13T13_55_02_781Z image_2023_11_13T14_02_10_429Z

Fair point on the heatsink, mine also has a slightly bent “wing” but barely noticeble, not as bas as yours, but the emmc is not directly a radxa product, they are sold by the distributor (I guess allnet?).

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Why the crystal disk img’s as the bent fin will make no difference at all as its a heat sink aka lump of metal.
Shouldn’t be bent, but why benchmarks though as heatsink makes no diff at all?
Just curious?

Man is this some kind of fools day joke? Who stated that there is a connection between the heatsink and the emmc performance? We are talking about 2 separate topics. The 2 emmc related pictures are about radxa emmc performance vs competitor emmc performance.
Why do you feel sudden urge to comment on everything? If you don’t understand something it means that it’s not your table…

@Rockpi_fan I’d argue a slightly bent heatsink is no big deal, and you can buy an EMMC module from the competitor who has overwhelmingly better prices than pretty much everything else on the market, not just Allnet, if you choose to.

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As said curious as yeah some eMMC is faster than others and some more expensive which is great news as been wondering if they work and are OK.
Been wondering if I should get a Opi version as a load have turned up on Ebay £15 for 64gb but didn’t recognise the chip, cheers. Looks like they have newer stock.
PS have one of those passive without bent fins and still mweh.

Much better but the 3 pin fans will prob be tacho voltage controlled, but much cheaper.
That and one of these is prob best Rock5b fan.

The heatsink is not a product from Radxa, all Radxa Accessories are listed on the website Accessories section:


When you are comparing the eMMC speed, you should compare the speed with the same capacity, ie 128GB vs 128GB. Capacity is the main factor for the speed.

I admit the current Radxa eMMC price is high because of the old stock cost is high. The newer manufactured batch price will drop a lot.