PoE HAT fan working with LibreElec 10?

Has anyone managed to get the 23W PoE HAT fans working with LibreElec 10? I have read through the wiki guide and managed to get it working on a Debian install, but am stuck with LibreElec (LE) as it doesn’t support apt-get. I have tried the manual install instructions but cannot work out how to enable PWM in step 1 on LE either.

I am using it on a RockPi4B+ in an ecoPi Pro HP case and so far temps are excellent (<50°c under typical loads), but I am worried when summer comes and ambient temps hit 35°c+ there might be an issue. I am also concerned that the PoE HAT power circuitry may be getting too hot as I can’t find a way to check it (I dont have a IR Thermometer).