PoE Hat fan replacement

I’m using a PoE hat on my Rock Pi 4 but find the fan extremely noisy. Is it possible to replace the fan with something like a noctua nf-a4x20-5v-pwm or nf-a4x10-5v-pwm? It has way lower rpm but perhaps the cooling is that much better it doesn’t need the high rpm?



you can edit the config file to limit the highest rpm.

edit file:



lv4 = xx

I actually use Noctua fans - I think it’s just that the size of the fan itself, that makes it so it doesn’t require it to spin itself to death. Plus the vibration attachments (instead of using the screws), helps with the humming noise that most fans give off.

If you’re putting it in a case, it’s going to be hard to fit… but there are 3d printed fan adapters that people use…

I’m not sure how big the Radxa PoE hat fan is… but it LOOKS like 30mm… Noctua doesn’t make them that small… their smallest are the 40mm x 10mm fans, which I actually have quite a bit. Costs a lot more than a regular fan… and comes in an obnoxious box, but it’s super quiet (even at full speed) and cools really well.

Fan adapter: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2748800

Sorry to bump an old thread but I’ve been searching to find an alternate fan for my Pi PoE Hat and this came up.

My Pi4 is mounted in a box at the top of a 30ft mast in the garden but when I run the fan on high speed, I can still hear the vibrations through the mast where it’s physically mounted to the house. I know Noctura make good fans with the anti vibration mounts and I’m keen to swap mine. I can get the adapter 3D printed so I’d really like to know what exact fan you used for this?