PoE Hat Fan Controls

Good morning!

I’m running the Ubuntu Desktop image by Joshua Riek (Shout out to the man!) that’s listed in the community images page for downloads. It’s been super stable, even after apt update/upgrade unlike Rock Build 39 (at least for me).

I’ve tried a number of methods in this and other forums to get the fan to actually power on, including the PWM fan control (https://github.com/pymumu/fan-control-rock5b). I can’t seem to get the fan to turn on when either manually set to on, or when temps are reached.

Is there a source that I’m missing RE: getting the PoE Hat fan to either always be on, or enable with temp controls?

The case I’m using came with a large heatsink for passive cooling, and if I can’t get the PoE Hat to actually power it on, I may opt to run A/C power to the board and remove the PoE hat in favor of a larger heatsink and the ability to mount a fan to the exterior of the case blowing on the heat sink and simply have it always on.

NOTE: This is the official Radxa PoE Hat that I’m using.