Please rebuild mraa package or pull it off Debian ARM64 line


Your mraa package is build on Ubuntu server, it will not run on Debian ARM64 because of dependency issue. Please rebuild it on or hide it from Debian ARM64.

I build mraa on Debian ARM64 from the source code and works fine. But when I run apt-get upgrade, your version overwrote mine.

I had to apt-mark libmraa-rockpi4 “on hold” for now.



If you build libmraa by yourself, you can just remove the libmraa-rockpi4 package.

Since we now have rockpi4 support merged in the libmraa mainline, we may don’t need libmraa-rockpi4 package in the future. The standard libmraa package will support rockpi4 in the future.

We will fix libmraa-rockpi4 package anyway.



The libmraa package of rockpi4 stretch arm64 is updated. To use it , do

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libmraa-rockpi4


Verified, it’s working on Debian ARM64.