PLEASE HELP! Cannot get CM3 on my wifi network

I can’t get SSH or wifi working on my CM3 with carrier board waveshare CM4-NANO-A.

First, I got the CM3 in maskrom mode. It wouldnt boot in maskrom mode unless the tiny switch was on

I booted the cm3 in maskrom mode, and installed the debian cm3io img file via rkdevtool on Windows.

I rebooted the CM3, the ACT led is heartbeating and the CM3 led is slowly blinking.

Trying to connect it to wifi so I could sign in SSH, I plugged a Ethernet to USB A adapter in the USB port on the waveshare board; I checked if it was available on my network, nothing.

So then I tried to install debian on a microSD card then ran it on the cm3. the CM3 led isn’t even on, and the ACT led is always on! So maybe the microsd slot doesn’t work on this board with the cm3. I’m pretty much lost here.

I don’t know if my CM3 is broken on arrival, or I don’t have enough IO, If anyone could make a debian img that automatically connects to network 1234 password 1234, maybe it would be easier to login to SSH.