Please give me some advice regarding eMMC data corruption

If anyone knows please advise.

Currently, I used to use Rock4SE.
The OS is installed and used on eMMC.
I am creating a program using Python and OpenCV, but suddenly the other day the OS stopped starting.
The OS access lamp (blue) does not blink after the power is turned on.
This was despite the fact that I had programmed it as usual the day before, shut it down normally, and turned it off.
(I reinstalled the OS on eMMC and it is now booting normally)

So I would like some advice.
People who are familiar with hardware measures to prevent eMMC data from being lost, such as “ground this part on the board” or “make settings like this so that you can confirm that the power has been turned off after shutdown” I would like to get some advice from you.

Thank you.