Pine64 7" LCD Display


Can this Pine A64 7" LCD work with RockPi4B? Or does it require some type of controller? If it does, which controller could possibly work with it?


This display can not work directly with ROCK Pi 4B. Grab a Raspberry Pi 7 inch display or some HDMI displays.


How about a Waveshare 3.5" LCD (B)? Will the pin works on RockPiB as does a raspberry pi?

I would like to find out which one in my possession that could work in RockPi4B. Thanks.


we are working on the device tree overlay support(dtbo) for ROCK Pi 4 and this is a chance to test it. We have already ordered the Waveshare 3.5inch LCD. Wait for our test result.


Can you share the current status, and the schedule if it can work for 3.5" LCD.


Since now we have the dtbo working. We have enabled the Waveshare 3.5inch LCD. It works as framebuffer device. The issue is, due to the hardware limited, we have only one CS for the SPI bus. The touch, which is also a spi device, can not work at the same time.


Is this on the latest apt-get upgrade for both debian and ubuntu?


I don’t count the updates, but it could have been almost a dozen updates in the last three weeks.


We haven’t added the waveshare 3.5 in the dtbo, it’s partly working. We can update the dtbo for it if you need the display only.


Yes, I simply need the display for now. Please let me know when I could do the apt update to get this dtbo. Thanks.


Hi, ROCK Pi 4 has already supported waveshare 3.5inch Model B-v2 and Model C LCD. See