Pi Camera V2 with Rock 4C+

The CSI connector on the board isn’t what I expected and the Pi Camera V2 ribbon cable is not the right size. Is there and cable that fits the camera board with the other end fitting into the CSI connector on the 4C+?

Hi, @hamslabs

You need a 0.3mm pitch to 1mm pitch 15PIN FPC cable, like this one:

The cable is sold out. Did you hav an other idea - alternativ adaper …

I’ve fitted the above cable to my Rock-4c+ csi connector with a pi-camera v2, and get the following result:-

command -v4l2-ctl --list-devices

rkisp1-statistics (platform: rkisp1):

rkisp1_mainpath (platform:ff910000.rkisp1):

Trust QHD Webcam: Trust QHD Web (usb-xhci-hcd.1.auto-1):

The webcam is the last details, but what are the other 2 ?.
Now camera seems to have been found, how do I go about getting it to work ?