Pi 4 b emmc如何换系统?


@binhen this is an English forum, so please try to write in English language.

What I have translated, you want to change system on your eMMC module.

You have two ways:

  1. run system from microSD card on your Rock Pi and write image to eMMC from within that microSD system
  2. use adapter to connect eMMC module to PC and on PC you can write any image from within Windows or Linux system

If I use the first method, how can I set up the SD card to start the system?Because the existing EMMC card also has a system。

You can write image provided by Radxa to SD card.

This operation should be no problem. When I write this SD, will it start automatically from SD card? Because the EMMC of pi4b also has a default system on the board. Or do I need to switch startup items?

Try yourself. If system starts from eMMC then erase it and system will start from SD card.

For rk3399, uSD card has a higher boot priority. If there is a bootable uSD card, it boots from uSD card first, if not, then look for bootable eMMC.