Photos incorrect in 5B wiki?

Hello, I was just looking up the Rock 5B in the wiki to make sure I was attaching the realtime clock battery to the correct connector, and I found that my Rock 5B 8GB from Allnet has a very different layout from the photos in the wiki?

Are any production Rock 5B’s consistent with the photos in the wiki, or might a Radxa person consider fixing the wiki?

It looks like someone missed updating the photos on the main landing page; those are of a preproduction board (indicated in the silkscreen as V1.3); the production boards seem to be V1.42, and the front/back can be found here:

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Good catch. The picture in the getting started page is fixed now.

1 Like is also not quite right - the numbers in the image don’t match the text of the page at all. (E.g. processor/SoC is #1 in image, but #22 in text)

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