People's Experience with nVME

Curious about people’s experiences using nVME drives with the Radxa Zero. I have tried several different enclosures. They are generally mounting as usb-storage and not as uas, even though they mount at higher speeds without fail on my desktop.
I determined one enclosure was on the ‘unusual uas’ list, so I got another one that is not.

I’ve tried drives of varying capacities ranging from 128gb to 1tb, but none reliably mount with uas.

I say reliably because one drive did mount with uas one time, and got an 11,000ish on PiBenchmarks when I tested it.

Has anyone had consistent success? Also, does anyone know what the maximum current the usb 3.0 port will allow? I was unable to find it on the Radxa wiki in the specs section…

For such small boards its just much better to use eMMC. Its quite fast, stable and non problematic compared to anything connected to usb. I think most users will choose that kind of storage leaving usb to something else. I know that recently nvmes are cheap, but it will also double Your set size and cause few extra problems. It’s not raspberry where You cant have eMMC :wink:

Uas depends on several things. Drive, chipset and its firmware. I also had few extra issues with UAS mode on JMB chip and s.m.a.r.t infos. On rtl there were issues with power consumption and sleep mode. There were some firmware upgrades since then, so maybe those issues are already addressed. For me I quicky learned that USB is obviously not great for serious tasks.