Penta SATA HAT for RPI5

I searched for a topic on this and did not find one.
I was just curious when more Penta SATA HAT devices for Raspberry Pi 5 will be made and available. Everywhere I looked it is out of stock. Looks like a great hat, and hopefully an answer to my goal of creating several RPI5 NAS nodes on my network.

THANKS! Have a great weekend!!

If it helps…

I have a Rock 5C board, working with a Penta SATA Hat for 3C that I’ve bought by mistake. I was actually tricked by the confusing listings on AliExpress.

Checked a few docs and pictures and the hat seemed to be the same board, just different connections so I bought the FPC cable from Arace tech and it did the trick.

Initial tests working fine. I tested a couple of drives on it with no issues. I can post a picture if you wanna see it.

I’m deciding on which drives to get for my final setup now.