Penta hat doesn't install on 4SE

I bought a penta hat and a RP5, and unfortunately the penta hat kit I received was not the one for the rp5, as the Flexi connector was wrong. I hunted for the cable but the website I found wouldn’t work for me, so I bought a rock 4se which fits the cable in the kit. I ran the installation script but it doesn’t seem to recognise the 4se. I edited the script to make it run the installation, but the data driver aren’t recognised.

Should this work?
Alternatively, how can I get a rp5 Flexi cable? Is there a Gerber file somewhere so I can make my own?

Penta sata kit comes in few variants depending on board that You connect to. Most have m.2 connector, but it’s placed in different angle and side of board. Pi5 introduced new FPC connector and that needed yet another flex cable. Also there was fitted case with cooling and holes for particular board.

It should work, but You need to have supported system image loaded on board. Some newer versions needs some adjustements because they don’t come with all needed packages. If You already edited installation script You will probably manage to solve all those small issues.
Just remember to supply enough power to HAT as in docs. It will not work via usb-c only with drives connected straight to hat (it may work with drives powered externally).

You can get it from arace:

Probably not worth to do so, it’s just few bucks on arace.
Radxa provided STL for printable case for pi5 and this hat, You may be interested with that.