PD Problems solved!

Even after the OEM supply, OEM eMMC, everything. The piece of crap is now at the bottom of a freaking lake. No more boot issues for me. Screw this.

2nd time i have been burnt by their poor engineering skills, never again.

do you know what are you talking about?

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Don’t patronize me, twit. Yes i know what the F- i’m talking about. I have been in this business longer than you have been alive i’m sure.

Hey there @Nurb432, from this twit to a fellow twat, PD works, even if it’s a bit finicky. An Apple 20W charger worked; a laptop power supply did not. Go figure. It takes a bit more fiddling than desirable, but it’s doable. The Radxa power supply should resolve those issues. I’m booting from NVMe via SPI, one of the worst scenarios for PD.

Whelp, your Rock5 B is at the bottom of a lake. That sure can’t get fixed now. If you’ve been working with tech for >50 years, you need to eat some humble pie and start learning. Never, ever assume you know it all. I know I’m learning something new every week, and I’ve been fiddling with tech for 40 years.

How’s that for patronizing? Go ahead and assign twits from “Elon Musk” (1) to “Sir Nigel Incubator Jones” (5).

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I developed chips in the 80s for General Motors and have built countless ARM (and other) based products over the years, so i do actually have a clue No, i dont know everything but know enough that their engineers are idiots and that this board is crap and not worth my time to bother with it, so its gone. Nor will i trust Radxa ever again. This was my 2nd purchase of their products, and the last.

Furthermore, a released product should not need to be ‘fiddled with’ just to make work. That is an excuse. This isn’t a beta, or experimental model where you DO expect that. Its a freaking officially released product. Sure, incremental code improvements are acceptable and expected, but It should at least function out of box, like with all the other vendors on the planet.